My Cap 100 Foil Seals to Reuse Your Keurig Rivo, Starbucks Verismo, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza A Modo Mio, CBTL, Caffitaly Pods

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Just For You...

  • Includes 100 Foils
  • Instructions on how to reuse your Starbucks Verismo Packs.
  • Create Starbucks Verismo Packs with your favourite coffee.
  • BPA free

Why The My-CAP Foils?

This product contains instructions on how to "Reuse your Starbucks Verismo Pods". The Pods are durable, strong, and reusable, however they require a new foil seal each time they are reused.

Brewer Types Supported:

This product will allow you to reuse your capsules from the following brewer types. 

  • Keurig Rivo
  • Starbucks Verismo
  • Lavazza Blue
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio
  • CBTL
  • Caffitaly

This will also reduce your environmental impact each time you reuse a capsule, along with the lower cost to brew each cup giving you a better brew each time.

The My-Cap Foils are the signature product within your complete in home solution to making reusable capsules/pods for many of the brewers listed above.

"The More You Use My-Cap, The More You Save!"

Questions and Answers?

Q: How many times can each foil seal be used?

A: Just once.

Q: What is the foil seal made out of?

A: The foil seal is made out of aluminum with a high temperature adhesive around the edge that allows the foil to stick to the capsule.

Q: What about BPA?

A: Our products are BPA free.

Q: How is the foil attached to the pack?

A: The foil is attached to the pack with a high temperature adhesive. You do not have to iron it on.

Q: How are the foils installed on the Starbucks Verismo since the cap is punctured from both ends. Are 2 foils installed on one cap?

A: You use just one foil. The coffee is packed into the capsule which seems to hold it in place. Very little falls out. You do not want to leave it that way long as it is open to the air.

If you want to make them up in advance and not have ANY coffee coming out then you can use two foils or put them in some sort of sealed container.