Capsul'in 100 Piece Fillable Nespresso® OriginalLine Tea and Coffee Compatible Pod, Black

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Why Capsul'n Capsules:

The Capsul'in Capsules for Nespresso® brewers allows you to fill your own Nespresso® capsules. Fill them with your favourite Coffee or Tea. Capsul'in is the first empty Nespresso® compatible capsule that works in the full line of Nespresso® machines. The Capsul'in design also features a raised ridge on the base of the capsule, making it work well with the newest and currently most popular machines that Nespresso® has to offer.

Just For You:

  • Single Use Fillable Capsules for use with Nespresso® Brewers
  • Works with all Nespresso® brands (including units that puncture one hole and brewers made before and after 2010)
  • No cleaning involved. Use once and throw away!
  • Each pack includes 100 disposable capsules, 108 lids, cup holder (100 capsules and larger), and instructions
  • BPA free



Capsul-in How To Use

Questions and Answers?

Q: What brewers will the Capsules work in?

A: These refillable reusable espresso capsules can be used with compatible Nespresso® brewers: Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, and Lattissima and other Nespresso® brewers. This includes pre October 2010 Nespresso® Brewers. We have had some reports that it does not work the Essenza automatic model C100 brewer. Note: This product will not work with Dolce Gusto Brewers, Tassimo Brewers, Keurig Brewers, or any other brand.

Q: How many times can the capsule be reused?

A: You can only use this product once.

Q: What is the capsule made out of?

A: The Capsul-in capsule is made of an eco friendly recycled materials.

Q: What about BPA?

A: Our products are BPA free.

Q: What coffee grind should I use?

A: Make sure you are using a good coffee, preferably something with a bold strong taste. The grind MUST be an espresso grind. If you try and use regular coffee in the capsule it will come out weak.

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